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About Us
Owner and founder, Rick Ogrodowski, got his start in the auto industry dealing in classic cars back in the 60s. He has always loved and appreciated cars and wanted to find a new way to offer car rental and sales to customers.  He started EZ Auto/Van Rentals and built an up-and-coming Auto Rental and unique Rent to Own contract business.  Rick has successfully managed this revolutionary discount car and truck rental company for years, helping it grow by expanding it to locations throughout Florida. Soon after, he purchased Auto Repair shops in order to further expand his product offering by having certified and skilled technicians on hand to handle the fleet's needs. 

Rick also later partnered with local dealerships to expand and develop his Rentals program into a Sales program in order to help the potential customers that couldn't afford a down payment on a new car purchase.  He had the idea of applying the rental fee toward the purchase of the vehicle, increasing the potential of ownership to more clients, clients who may have poor or no credit at all. This revolutionary system removes a lot of the risk and allows clients the ability to truly test drive the car and make sure it will fit their lifestyle and needs. The option to rent before you buy gives many customers the assurance of the purchase before they make that large of a commitment. Now in addition to his successful airport auto rental program Rick is able to offer new and used car and truck sales to more customers.